Why our clinic?

Sobczyk Dental Care is a modern and professionally equipped dental clinic. By choosing treatment with us, you can be sure that you are in the good hands of the best specialists who care about the health and satisfaction of patients.

LEICA M320 F12 microscope

Leica M320 F12 with LED technology is the first instrument in its class designed especially for dental microsurgery. This model combines the wide-known and highly valued optics by Leica with innovative solutions like LED illumination and high-definition image. It allows for precise work during the most demanding procedures in dentistry.

BeeFill 2 in 1

A modern and complete set for thermoplastic filling of root canals with gutta-percha during endodontic treatment. It allows for quick, hygienic, durable and tight filling of root canals. It allows for safe and fast workflow and at the same time, it minimises the risk of complications.


We provide painless and comfortable treatment, carried out using specialized tools, equipment and materials of the highest quality.

We guarantee cordial and warm atmosphere and full safety of our patients.

CS 8100 3D Carestream

The latest, multifunctional 3D CBCT system, designed to meet the needs of most dental practices. It guarantees the highest quality and precision of imaging. Easy to use for the doctor and comfortable for the patient. It allows for acquisition, analysis and post-processing of images, enabling a more detailed diagnosis.

CS 2100 Carestream

Intraoral X-ray system with high-frequency generator, easy to use and reliable. It provides a diagnostic precision of highest quality – and thanks to its reduced radiation levels – it ensures safety of patients and staff.

Tecno-Gaz Master Flux Plus

The MASTER FLUX device ensures nitrous oxide supply. The gas has relaxing and sedating properties. Nitrous oxide does not stupefy the patient and allows to keep full contact with him/her, which makes it easier to cooperate during treatment. Master Flux is a Class A medical device. It is the latest and most advanced model of sedation equipment from the Italian manufacturer Tecno Gaz.


The modernly designed treatment rooms are perfectly complemented by a spacious and friendly waiting room, as well as space for the youngest patients in which, in addition to coloring books and toys for the youngest, there will also be a gaming console for older children.