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Our doctors are highly skilled specialists, who continuously enhance their knowledge during numerous training courses, meetings and scientific conferences.

Comfort is our main goal.

At Sobczyk Dental Care we make it a priority that all our services are painless.

Keeping our youngest patients in mind, we have created a special children’s corner in our clinic where they can relax and spend  their time pleasantly.

Young patient’s welcome

Important childhood memories? The first bike, the first visit to the dentist. We make every effort to ensure that visits to our office are pleasant and stress-free. We strive to prevent oral prophylaxis as a good habit, like cycling – natural and reflexive.


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Jar district in Torun

Watzenrodego 5/LU1

87-100 Toruń, POLAND

+48 880 701 070

+48 56 475 44 47

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A wide range of treatments



We have a perfectly equipped X-ray lab – including equipment for intraoral imaging of teeth and occlusion, enabling also panoramic…


Treatment without pain and stress

At Sobczyk Dental Care we do our best to perform every procedure as far as possible without pain for the…


Hygienic treatment

We have a professionally equipped dental hygienist room. As part of hygienic treatment, we perform removal of dental plaque using…


Root canal therapy (endodontics)

Root canal therapy consists in removal of infected pulp from the pulp chamber and root canals of a tooth, cleaning,…


Dental surgery

Our offered range of dental surgery procedures includes extraction (removal) of teeth and roots, complex and surgical extractions, incision of…



Dental implantation consists in placing an implant into jawbone in order to provide a base for restoration of missing teeth.  Before…



The primary task of prosthodontics is the reconstruction of decayed teeth and replacement of missing teeth with permanent crowns and…


Cosmetics – whitening

For our patients we offer whitening using bleaching method, which is safe for the teeth, does not impair the resistance…


Children’s dentistry – pedodontics


Restorative dentistry

Restorative dentistry is a part of dental care which concentrates on prevention and treatment of caries.  The basic procedures of restorative…